Registration Accuracy

Registration Accuracy when shooting multispectral

The Tech Vision EV Multispectral system typically shoots 12 images to capture spectral information from UV to visible to IR, and all images will be in perfect registration, because there is no movements of the sensor, the object or filter. Only the light changes between each shot.

As the absolute minimum of light energy is used to illuminate an object, and heat,  a fragile object will not expand due to heat thus minimizing  mis-registration between exposures.

Having perfect registration is a great advantage for high quality reproduction and documentation work. It is also much easier to discover hidden elements when comparing the invisible layers with the visible part of the object. The UV and IR spectral bands can be freely mixed with individual visible bands and with the derived CIE color images, providing a unified data set of considerably increased value and offering unprecedented opportunity for scholarly research.

Registration Accuracy when shooting RGB color

For ordinary color reproduction when it is preferred to use strobe light, the EV system can be used in RGB mode by using the color filter wheel. A new technology developed by Tech Vision eliminates any potential mis-registration between the three color channels caused by the filters.  


The image was captured using the EV systems 12 different light band. The immediate result is 12 monochrome images in DNG format. With all images in perfect register it is easy to place them as layers and compare and analyze. (Captured at Statens museum for kunst, Copenhagen (Copyright SMK)).

Hyperspectral Imaging