Direct Monochrome

Direct Monochrome Image Capture – highest quality and very efficient:

The Tech Vision EV Multispectral system offers an efficient  and high quality mode of direct monochrome capturing. The digital back in the EV Multispectral system is equipped with a monochrome sensor which can be used with any light source continuous or flash.

Capturing  monochrome images using a monochrome camera back is superior in many ways to converting images from a RGB camera back to monochrome:-

There are no residual artifacts created by the color sensor's Bayer (or other) pattern filtration. Image parts with thin parallel lines are perfectly reproduced, making moiré effects much less of a problem

Without the Bayer filtration's ISO robbing filter, the monochrome camera back receives two times more light from the scene compared to a RGB camera back, resulting in reduced need for lighting and over twice the Signal-to-Noise ratio for a given illumination.

The need for interpolation (developing) and anti-aliasing filtration common to RGB camera back is eliminated. Image resolution is increased, image purity is unrivaled, and the images has a much higher amount of detail in the low key parts of the image together with a much higher overall spectrum of tones from very bright to darkest areas of the image.

Fewer optical elements lie between the scene and the CCD.

Spectral confusion due to Bayer filter transmission overlap is eliminated, reducing potential metameric failure and allowing improved display/printing flexibility.

When used with the visible bands of the Tech Vision EV Multispectral Light system, no IR light is emitted and hence no IR filter is needed in front of the CCD or lens.  Eliminating the IR filter substantially increases camera sensitivity and S/N for a given illumination.

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