Color Accuracy

Accurate color reproduction

The Tech Vision EV Multispectral system produces highly color-accurate images which are independent of illumination. The spectral data produced by the EV system can be used to make prints which better match the original when viewed under various illuminations and conditions. 

For image analysis and restoration

Many colorants or pigments used in artworks have unique spectral properties. Spectral data of images captured with the Tech Vision EV Multispectral system can be used to analyze these colorants and can help conservators choose the color accurate colorants for retouching the artworks. This way it is assured the restored artwork has color consistency in any light source.

Overcome limitations of RGB cameras and eliminate post-processing needs

Normal digital camera systems uses RGB  filters (Bayer Matrix) on the CCD to separate colors. Although this works well for most photographic applications, it is impossible to accurately capture colors of a broad range of dyes, pigments, paints, fabrics, materials, papers, and other reflective surfaces. No matter how well the digital camera is profiled and color managed, localized color correction is necessary to achieve the level of color matching required for critical reproduction work. 

The reason for this is simple and fundamental: There are no three color filters which can accurately model the tristimulus color response of the human visual .

The Tech Vision EV Multispectral system, which captures 6 visible color spectra, is the solution to the time-consuming and tedious task of post-processing image correction.

Distinguish image signals and light signal

A RGB-digital camera cannot distinguish a white object under red light from a red object under white light. Such situations are no problems for the Tech Vision EV Multispectral system. The system captures, process, displays and interprets images with up to 12 spectral channels. With that much spectral data available, the system can easily distinguish image signals into the part due to the object itself from thepart due to illumination.

Color accuracy proved in test

We have tested the color accuracy of the Tech Vision EV Multispectral system by shooting a ColorChecker SG target  and comparing the captured data with the measurements of the target on a SpectroScan Spectrophotometer.

 The result of the test shows that average ΔE is 1.6. A dramatic improvement compared to what any RGB sensor system can achieve.

Hyperspectral Imaging