Better details

Multispectral as the ultimate

Conventional multispectral shooting technique produces images with all the benefits of multishot cameras -- no interpolation as there are no RGB bayer pattern filters on the CCDs. Each pixel on the CCD receives full information in all color channels. 

The Tech Vision EV Multispectral system has the added benefit of not having registration issues because there is no moving parts in the system – only the light changes between each shot. The result is images with unparalleled details which cannot be matched by RGB based systems.

RGB Multishot as high quality additional option

When the quality of multispectral shooting is not needed, the Tech Vision EV Multispectral system offers the flexibility to shoot RGB multishot. By using the integrated Color Filter Wheel, images with good RGB colors and super details can be captured using any photographic lighting system. 

The three-pass capture allows filtering of every pixel on red, green, and blue layers for superb rendering for all images. With correct filtering for every pixel on every layer, it is not necessary to diffuse the image, resulting in better sharpness and more detailed transitions to highlight. Unlike piezo stepped arrays, there is no Bayer pattern induced artifact.

Hyperspectral Imaging